carpet cleaning Preparation

Carpet Cleaning Oakland | New Life Carpet Care | Preparation

Freshly painted walls and baseboards, will still be freshly painted walls and baseboards once your carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning is complete. Corner guards prevent our equipment and hoses from leaving scratches or marks where they shouldn't be. The angels truly are in the details.

carpet cleaning Pre-treatment

Carpet Cleaning Oakland | New Life Carpet Care | PreTreatment

Riding a bike without gears is possible, but makes a morning ride more difficult than it needs to be. Similarly, carpet cleaning without pre-treatment makes cleaning more difficult, with unfavorable results. Because we use high quality injection sprayers, the solution is able to penetrate deep within carpet fiber, breaking down soil to make extraction highly effective.

carpet cleaning extraction

Carpet Cleaning Oakland | New Life Carpet Care | Extraction

Just as rinse cycles are necessary for our clothes, it is also necessary for carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. We use a Fiber Rinse during the extraction process. This dramatically decreases the chance of re-soiling and returns your carpet fiber back to its original pH level.

carpet Grooming

Carpet Cleanning Oakland | New Life Carpet Care | Oakland | Carpet Grooming

Once the carpet cleaning process is complete, we groom the carpet with what is sometimes referred to as a carpet rake. This lifts carpet fibers to their natural positioning and aids in faster drying times. Grooming also gives the carpet a lively, vibrant appearance once the cleaning is complete.