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Carpet Cleaning

We have the education and expertise to ensure your carpet will be clean and healthy upon completion. We follow industry certified guidelines and standards, so that you can be confident that your carpet is being handled by true experienced professionals. At New Life Carpet Care, we choose to focus on the days after rather than just making the carpet look good the day of.

Upholstery Cleaning | New Life Carpet Care | Oakland

Upholstery Cleaning

There's nothing like movie night with popcorn on your favorite sofa. Along with the good times, laughter and memories, is fabric in need of cleaning. We clean a variety of textures, using steam cleaning or dry-cleaning methods to restore your upholstery back to life using a proven industry standard 10 Step Process:

1. Pre-Inspection: Carefully analyze problems and discuss proper solutions

2. Fabric Test: We will identify the fabric to ensure correct methods are used

3. Pre-Spray: Upholstery specific pre-treatment is used to emulsify soil

4. Pre-Spot: Some spots will require specialized treatment prior to extraction

5. Agitation: Gentle agitation with a professional brush further loosens soil

6. Extraction: Upholstery is thoroughly rinsed removing dirt and soil

7. Neutralize: We neutralize the fabric to return the upholstery to its original pH level. This also helps to prevent re-soiling

8. Post-Treatment: If needed, the post-treatment solution will continue to breakdown the spot/soil as the upholstery dries

9. Groom: We groom to bring the fiber back to its original positioning, remove vacuum lines and expeditng drying

10. Post-Inspection: We will go over the cleaning with you, making sure it meets your expectations and satisfaction

Area Rug Cleaning | New Life Carpet Care

Area Rug Cleaning

We offer area rug cleaning for natural and synthetic fibers. Your rug will be cared for as if it's our own, during the pick-up and delivery process. Within 1-2 weeks, you will have your area rug returned like new - thoroughly washed, clean and dry, ready once again for your viewing pleasure. Call today to make your cleaning appointment:

(510) 344-8375

Commercial Cleaning | New Life Carpet Care | Oakland

Commercial Cleaning

New Life Carpet Care is your go-to commercial cleaning company. We have the right equipment and solutions to effectively and safely clean various commercial style carpeting with excellence. Call to schedule a walkthrough and estimate:

(510) 344-8375